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arluq - \awr\'look\
noun | Origin: Inuktitut
1. the Killer Whale, Orcinus Orca.
2. -implied: depth-breadth perception.

     We are a small team of engineers and enthusiasts out of the Pacific Northwest that generates business for our customers through science.
      We receive our inspiration from nature. Technology is but one of our many dimensions. With a team that has dwelled in every imaginable industry, we are either positive that we have you covered or we are extremely eager to learn, adapt and apply. We don't just study your business; we make it a part of our living environment. Value added delivery is a mere consequence. And we like to have fun. Either way, call us for a chat.

     Orcas are highly complex social mammals that embody an array of noble tenants: intelligence, dedication, innovation, improvisation, communication, team spirit, humbleness, outside-the-box(!) thinking, fun and so on. Naturally, we are fans.

     As skilled as they are, Orcas need human support to conserve their numbers, their environment and stop abuse. Follow this link to find out how you can help.

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